I am writing this review to tell people how this journey with Mark and his team has changed my life. Like many others, I was lost on how I would lose weight and where to start from. Mark provided all the information. Herestructured my diet and gave me a fitness plan that suited my requirements.He built me up gradually considering my medical conditions. The result I have lost 5 ½ stone in 6 months and I feel and look ten years younger now. I am so much more confident and I know exactly what to eat and how to maintain my current weight. I would recommend Mark Phillips Fitness Services to anybody who wants to change their look no matter what stage they are in their life.

Joan Evans - Age 67

I am looking and feeling great since I have hired Mark as my personal trainer. He explained everything from fitness, diet, and nutrition and was always fair but firm, which got me to where I am today. I lost over 30lbs in 3 months and I feel a lot healthy now. Mark Phillips Fitness is highly recommended. Thank you for everything Mark.

Pip Gorringe - Age 27

I took the weight loss transformation package from Mark Phillips Fitness Services. I had to lose weight to keep up with my job requirements. I am a prison officer and need to stay in good physical shape. I had my free consultation and Mark listened to my requirements and tailored my an exercise package that not only lost me 1 stone 8 pounds in 10 weeks but reduced my body fat significantly. I love doing the one to one sessions. I now perform regular workouts on kettlebells, power bags and I can now run a 5k race. It's never too late to learn and change your body shape. I am continuing to work with Mark on a maintenance programme.

Carol Everitt - Age 57

I purchased the online diet assessment only as I exercise regularly on my bike outdoor and I prefer to be in the great outdoors but really needed a helping hand on my diet. Mark gave me a complete food diary review and gave me a structured and detailed diet plan and lots of helpful advice on food preparation. For a one-off cost of 50 pounds, I now have my diet under control and I am gradually losing weight and writing regular food diaries which Mark assists me with to make sure I don't return back to the old days. Good value indeed - Thank You.

Peter Hobday - Age 40

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