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Welcome to our UK Weight loss and Fitness Website.

We provide Weight Loss Services and Personalised Nutrition plans for all ages and abilities.

We have a specialised team of nutritionists and fitness trainers who can help you get results fast.

We have our own award winning fitness tracking app and provide the latest weight loss injections alongside 200 blood tests if required.

Please check out our new Fitness shop containing 35,000 products from some of the biggest fitness chains in the UK.

We give support 24 hours a day 7 days a week and have been helping clients for over 20 years.

Get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation with the team.



What Our Weight Loss Clients Say..

Can’t recommend Mark and the team more , I’ve lost almost 3 stone in 12 weeks. I’m a truck driver and was getting very heavy, but now but I’m feeling much better and targeting the next stage. Great thank you !
5 Star Review
11 Nov 2023
Everyone has been great during my weight-loss journey, they have tailored the programme to suit my lifestyle. They does regular check-ins in between my sessions which keep me on track. I’m well on my way to getting to my target thanks to everybody
5 Star Review
Sam Darrell
4 Nov 2023
Mark is an excellent trainer who knows how to work me hard but fair. I’ve lost weight and the shape and tone package I am doing is brilliant, I’m in the best shape I’ve been for a long time and he builds me up gradually each week. Thank you
5 Star Review
Jo Whiston
16 Oct 2023
I've recently started up with Mark and the team, and I can honestly say everybody is very understanding of your individual needs, and abilities.they will set up a tailored program to suit what is best for you. I would highly recommend them
5 Star Review
21 May 2023
Weight Loss Specialist

Why choose us?

Weight Loss Programmes

Macro Programmes designed for you to help you lose weight fast with proven methods



Online Personal Trainer

Online Personal training and Nutrition assessments delivered around the UK and the rest of the world.


Nutrition & Diet Package

Food diary review and detailed nutrition plans with supplement advice and blood test analysis. We provide a full service from start to finish


Award Winning App

Keep yourself on track with our award winning app, to monitor your activity levels and food intake that is available on a monthly subscription

Our Services

Available Programmes

Weight Loss Transformation Package

Our most popular service, we will work with you to create your plan, built around your goals and targets in person

Personalised Nutrition Plan

We provide a complete Nutrition assessment and food diary review and devise you a new structured plan for a one-off cost of £69.99. We will consider your eating pattern, calorie intake and food preferences so you achieve can your goals. 

Online Personal Trainer

 Our UK Online training packages which starts at £99.00 per person with no contract. 4 sessions included alongside nutrition plan and assessment

Shape and Tone

This is an ideal package for men or women looking to build muscle or lose fat and transform the way they look through sculpting and toning their body using a dumbbell exercise programme.

Personalised Abs

We provide a specialised 30-minute abs session online in the UK or around the world where you will learn the best exercises to tone you your abs

Drop a Dress Size in 28 Days

A proven plan combining diet and exercise and nutrition approved methods to achieve a dress size in 28 days

Children & Teens Plans

Children need a more personalised approach and most of all a trainer who inspires them and makes them feel happy. We work with kids on a one to one basis which provides many benefits which are listed below.

Bridal Plans

A wedding package not only gives you one to one expert advice but also provides a Time line programme to get you ready for the big day

Free Consultation Package

We provide an 15 minute free discovery call or  a 30 minute consultation at our one to one studio based in the UK.

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