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Nutrition Plan

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Nutrition is a major element of fitness and weight loss. It is the building block which enables the body to use its resources effectively and will contribute hugely to a fitness programme.

At Mark Phillips UK Fitness, we  have evolved over the years to not only offer weight loss plans, but now our team of highly qualified nutritionists provide personalised nutrition plans for all different diet requirements and medical conditions for people of all ages. Mark, who leads our team, has over 20 years of experience in Nutrition-specific plans and private one-to-one consultation. We believe we offer one of the best Nutrition assessments in the UK. We provide a full spectrum of nutritional support, including:

• Tailored online consultations for individuals seeking specialised expertise.

• Workplace wellbeing seminars and workshops for businesses aiming to enhance employee health.

• Specialised weight loss management and supplement advice for individuals.

All of our team adopts a pragmatic and practical approach, navigating the often perplexing realm of nutrition with a science-based holistic perspective. Our personalised nutrition plans are meticulously tailored to suit...

• Weight Loss
• Sports Nutrition
• Diabetes / Cholesterol / High Blood Pressure
• Food Allergies and Intolerances
• Gluten Free Diets
• Womens Health
• Low Carb
• Ketogenic Diets
• SIBO diets
• Sugar Free
• High or Low Protein
• High or Low Fat
• Paediatrics
• Plus, More

Personalisd Nutrition Food Diary

Personal Nutrition Plans

Our customised plans  accommodate most dietary requirements actively. Furthermore, the service cost encompasses an analysis of a straightforward questionnaire that identifies your lifestyle and needs, promptly emailed upon purchase. Additionally, you have the choice to undergo blood tests, if necessary, to assess your symptoms beforehand.

For further information, please refer to our sports blood performance test section.

This process empowers us to tailor and personalise your plan according to your dietary preferences, lifestyle, and time constraints, alleviating the burden of meal planning. Once equipped with this information, we can create a detailed, comprehensive nutrition assessment tailored to factors such as weight loss goals, dietary exclusions, food preferences, and potential vitamin deficiencies. You can trust us to cover all aspects.

Subsequently, you'll receive a 16-page nutritional assessment based on the provided information and your goals, accompanied by a call from one of our team members. It's worth noting that this assessment is believed to be one of the most meticulous scientific evaluations, backed by proven results.

Nutrition Plan

Upon receiving your detailed Nutrition assessment, you'll find your calorie and macronutrient requirements outlined, accompanied by a wealth of information on dietary adjustments. Subsequently, you'll receive a second assessment featuring sample meal plans, recipes, and precise nutrition guidelines tailored exclusively to your needs. Furthermore, our extensive recipe database, boasting over 360,000 recipes, stands as the finest in the UK. Accessible through our structured meal plans curated by our team of nutritionists and dieticians, it offers you unparalleled culinary support

Personalised Fitness Programme Menu

Our Recipes Database

Benefits of our recipes database

• Recipes by specific calories and macros
• 40+ diets and 18 cuisines alongside
• Filter by prep time and meal type (e.g. main/breakfast)
• Exclude ingredients, intolerances and allergies
• Specify cooking equipment and world region
•  Easy-to-follow recipes with professional photography
• Recipes which include nutrient analysis and prep instructions
• Assemble recipes into Meal Plans if needed
• And much more

Personalised Nutrition Omlette

Meal Planning

Mark Phillips Fitness excels at swiftly crafting professional meal plans.

• With access to over 100,000+ food items across four global databases,

• Automatically generate nutritional analyses and shopping lists.

• Auto-generate a personalised plan for you in just 60 seconds.

Furthermore, we include recipes with instructions in our meal plans, tailored specifically to your needs, along with comprehensive shopping lists. This streamlines the entire process for you, enabling us to instantly adjust your macros and profoundly transform the way your body looks and feels.

Personalised Nutrition Meal Plan
Personalised Nutrition Shopping List

To enquire about a personalised Nutrition plan with our meal planner service included please give us a call on 0800 6347423 or buy our package below and results will be sent by email delivery with a follow up call from our nutrition team.All Nutrition plans are included in our Special package’s promotions.

Nurition Plan - £69.00

Personalised Nutrition Plan with Meal Planner Service

Online Nutrition Consultations

At Mark Phillips Fitness, we offer personalised online nutritionist consultations, allowing you to connect with our team from the comfort of your own home. Wherever you may be, you have the option to engage with one of our online nutritionists, or if you prefer face-to-face interaction, you can meet with our team members to receive your selected nutrition package.

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How does it work?

Our remote consultations are conducted via Zoom for a duration of 40 minutes, utilising our secure and GDPR compliant software. Prior to your appointment, you will receive a pre-assessment questionnaire to complete, providing valuable insights into your background and goals. This ensures efficiency during your consultation and enables your Nutritionist to develop the most effective personalised nutrition plan tailored to your objectives.

During a comprehensive 40-minute video call, your designated online nutritionist will conduct a thorough nutritional assessment, guiding you through the process and addressing any inquiries you may have. All pertinent documentation will be directly shared with you through your secure account. Should you require additional sessions, follow-up appointments can be conveniently scheduled through our calendar manager at a reduced rate.

Our one-to-one video consultation and nutrition package is priced at £69.99.

Nutrition Package - £69.00

One-to-One Video Consultation and Nutrition Package


We provide a 20 minute free discovery call to talk about our service above.

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