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Tina Lloyd

Tina Lloyd

Tai Chi and Mobility Exercise Specialist

Meet Tina,

Tina is a consummate professional in the realms of dance and Tai Chi, whose dedication to enriching the lives of others spans over a quarter of a century. With her extensive experience, Tina serves as a beacon of knowledge and guidance, helping individuals learn choreography and embrace the joy of exercising to music.

Tina's prowess extends beyond the dance floor, as she excels in communication and program development, crafting music programs and structuring classes for a diverse array of organisations. Her expertise lies particularly in Tai Chi, where she passionately shares her knowledge and serves as a mobility expert for older adults, catering to a myriad of medical conditions with compassion and skill.

"I've always had a passion for dance, and I feel fortunate to have spent many years teaching exercise to music, continuously expanding my skill set and offering a variety of classes throughout the United Kingdom," Tina reflects. Her journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft and her desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others through movement and wellness.

As Tina continues to inspire and uplift individuals through her teaching, she remains dedicated to her mission of spreading the joy of dance and the benefits of Tai Chi far and wide. With her expertise and passion, Tina is a driving force behind the transformational experiences of those she encounters, fostering health, happiness, and harmony in every step of the journey.