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Blood Tests for Fitness

At Home Blood Tests for sports performance and health monitoring


Blood tests are a quick and easy way to find answers about your health. Our tests allow you to test over 450 biomarkers to investigate your symptoms, monitor a condition, optimise your performance, or simply get peace of mind.


Pick a Blood Test

Pick a Blood Test

We can provide over 200 blood tests with either a result only service or with a follow up Nutrition Consultation to help you determine medical conditions, help with your weight loss journey or look at a number of factors affecting you in your life. Below is a list of our most popular tests for our clients across the UK which are ordered on a regular basis..

• Advanced Wellman Blood Test
• Thyroid Test
• Optimal Blood Test
• Female Hormone Blood Test
• Ultimate performance Blood Test
• Advanced thyroid Blood Test
• Sports Hormone Blood Test

• Menopause Blood Test
• Nutrition Blood Test
• POCS Blood Test
• Men’s and Women’s Health Tests
• Iron Blood Test
• Health and Lifestyle Blood Test
• Plus, Much more

To enquire about a test that you are interested in with or without a nutrition consultation please drop us a message and one of the team will be in touch to discuss and provide a price and description of the full service provided. We cover most tests so it’s likely you will be able to find all available blood tests that you need with additional services if required.

Blood Test and Consultation - £269.99

Ultimate Performance Blood Test and Nutrition Consultation

Ultimate Performance Blood Test

Ultimate by name ultimate by nature our compressive health check for men and women covers advanced profiles for your hormone health, thyroid function and sports nutrition. This is provided with a report and follow up telephone call with a nutritionist.

This covers 56 biomarkers including the following


  • Hormones
  • Cholesterol
  • Clotting Status
  • Diabetes
  • Gout risk
  • Inflammation
  • Iron Status
  • Kidney Health
  • Proteins
  • Red Blood Cells
  • Thyroid
  • Hormones
  • Plus, much More

This is really detailed and will give you an insight into your whole health and well being and you will be provided with a free nutrition consultation and email documentation on your health plan alongside.

You will need to book a venous draw at one of our many clinics spread across the UK where a nurse will take the blood sample from your arm. This cost is included in the service above. You will get your results emailed over in 3-5 working days with a booking appointment for further follow up.

Blood Test and Consultation- £139.99

Fitness Blood Test and Nutrition Assessment 

Fitness Blood Test

A popular test to provide information on your status of your fitness levels and provide and to look at what improvements you need to make for your full fitness journey.

You will be sent a simple finger prick blood test and when you return it your results will follow in 3-5 days along with your nutrition consultation.

You will be tested on 15 biomarkers

Cholesterol, Hormones, Iron, Vitamin Levels Plus more.

Your results will then be sent over in 3-5 days and we will then ask you for a food diary of 3 days to review your diet.  We will then provide a full nutrition assessment covering your calorie needs and a 15-page assessment will be emailed over. Please see our Personalised Nutrition Assessment Page.

Hair Intolerance Test - £49.99

Hair Intolerance Test - Premium 

Hair Intolerance Test

Our most detailed test includes:

Hair Intolerance Chart
  • Metals Toxicity
  • Nutritional balance
  • Gut Biome
  • Metabolism
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Digestive Health


Our most detailed test to date helps identify items in the patient’s food or daily life that could be causing symptoms.

The Test:

Our Premium Sensitivity Test provides a reaction report of 975 Food intolerances/sensitivities, Environmental Triggers, Metals Toxicity, Nutrition, Digestion, Gut Biome, Hormonal Balance, and Metabolism.

What items does this test for?

Hair Intolerance Test

Classed as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Results do not constitute a medical diagnosis.

Testing is carried out in a variety of locations worldwide.

Covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Equipment used is MARS III (Multiple Analytical Resonance Systems).

Results reported on 85% response rate or higher.


Hair tests (Bio resonance Therapy) are categorised as Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) covering therapies that fall outside mainstream medicine. Conventional medicine does not currently recognise Bio resonance as it has not been subject to significant scientific research.

The report also includes a comprehensive guide helping understand the results and eliminate possible sensitivities from the diet, avoid non-food items that could be causing problems and improve wellbeing from our certified lab partners.

Easy Process:

Simply choose the number of tests you wish to purchase and pay by secure payment, download the submission form and arrange for client samples to be sent to our nearest postal hub. A report is emailed directly to either you or your patient within 72 working hours of receipt.

NOTE: This is a downloadable test submission. No kit is sent.

What is tested? 

See the 975 items included in this test

Helps Clients With:

Hair Intolerance Test
  • Undiagnosed symptoms
  • Weight loss
  • Nutritional information
  • Healthier eating
  • Learning about trigger foods
  • Clearing skin conditions
  • Reducing bloating

Bio resonance reports and related information do not make a medical diagnosis nor is it intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider if you have a medical condition and/or medical symptoms. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it.

Example Report 

Upon purchase instructions will be sent out on completing and returning the test.

Blood Test and Consultation - £99.99

Tiredness and Fatigue Blood Test and Consultation

Tiredness and Fatigue Test

Are you struggling and feeling tired all the time even when you have a good night’s sleep? There could be 3 big reasons why. These are vitamin D, thyroid function, and iron status which are usually the culprits affecting your health.

We provide you a blood test to determine the above along with a doctor’s report and a free consultation with our Nutrition team to talk about the results and come up with a plan to combat tiredness once and for all.

We will end you a finger prick test in the post where everything will be provided for you to complete the test and you will then return to us and you will get your results in 3-5 days then a follow up consultation with one of our nutritionists.

This is one of our most popular services that is requested from our clients and very beneficial towards you feeling a lot more energetic and back to your best in no time with right nutrition advice and supplementation

Gold Package - £599.00

Ultimate Weight Loss Gold Package

Weight Loss App

Our most advanced package plan yet where we leave nothing to chance to make you look and feel the way you want too and look at everything needed for total weight loss.

Whats Included

Sample Collection Image

Weight Loss Blood Test

Our complete blood test checks for everything that is going on in the body if you are having trouble losing weight. This could be for a number of reasons and the first stage would be for  us to look at your hormones, stress, diabetes, anaemia, or cholesterol levels. Our detailed lab tests show real attention to detail and you will be give a report and a free consultation of our nutrition team to discuss the next stage.

Nutrition Plan

Full Nutrition Assessment and Food Diary Review

We will provide a full food diary review over 3 days and a 15 page nutrition assessment, giving you suggested calories and macronutrients to follow. Furthermore, you will receive all our best weight and fat loss tips along with 7 days a week full support and a fully detailed personalised nutrition plan.

Weight Loss App

6 Months Full Use of Our Award Winning App

You will given 6 months access to our award winning app WORTH £120.00 and have over 7000 exercise videos available for your training programmes. You will be given expert PT plans with all your programmes provided, with feedback option with your trainer.

New Nutracheck App

12 Months Free Membership for Our Partners Nutracheck

Nutracheck is one of the best calorie tracking apps in the UK with a database of over 360,000 recipes available to find. You will get 12 months exclusive membership to track your programmes with full support

12 PT Sessions

12 PT or Online PT Sessions

You will receive 12 PT sessions. You can choose to have these online or in person if are close to our studio location. Your personal trainer will guide you through your programmes and learning technique training, fully supporting you in your journey.

Meal Plan

Meal Plan and Recipes

You will be give your own recipe plan to follow combined with meal plans and shopping list making the whole package everything you need to succeed and hit your weight loss journey. If in doubt, visit our reviews and happy customers we have been changing peoples lives for the last 20 years.

Our Weight Loss Blood Tests look for Adrenal Hormones  • Cortisol Cholesterol Status   HDL cholesterol • LDL cholesterol • Triglycerides Diabetes   HbA1c  Hormones  FSH Oestradiol • Testosterone Inflammation Iron Status  plus much more in total 23 biomarkers to reveal all the information needed.

We will book you in at one of our many UK Clinics spread across the country.


What My Weight Loss Clients Say..

Can’t recommend Mark more , I’ve lost almost 3 stone in 12 weeks. I’m a truck driver and was getting very heavy now but I’m feeling much better and targeting the next stage. Great thank you !
5 Star Review
11 Nov 2023
Mark has been great during my weight loss journey, he has tailored the programme to suit my lifestyle. He does regular checkin’s in between my sessions which keep me on track. I’m well on my way to getting to my target thanks to Mark.
5 Star Review
Sam Darrell
4 Nov 2023
Mark is an excellent trainer who knows how to work me hard but fair. I’ve lost weight and the shape and tone package I am doing is brilliant, I’m in the best shape I’ve been for a long time and he build me up gradually each week. Thank you
5 Star Review
Jo Whiston
16 Oct 2023
Fantastic service. Mark builds you up gradually and is patient and knows his stuff. I have now lost just over 3 stone in 5 months and I am fitter than ever and I am in my fifties . You will not get a better trainer. Thanks
5 Star Review
Christina Roybotham
10 March 2023