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Online Personal Trainer: Transform Your Health, Anywhere in the World

Welcome to the future of fitness with our Online Personal Trainer services. Whether you're in the UK or anywhere around the globe, achieving your health and fitness goals has never been more flexible or accessible.

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Why Choose Our Online Personal Trainer

Flexibility Across Borders

Our online personal training services break geographical boundaries. Wherever you are in the UK or around the world, our clients experience the flexibility of tailored fitness sessions that fit seamlessly into their schedules.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While the average cost of one-to-one personal training in the UK can range from £40.00 to £50.00 per hour, our online training comes at an affordable £25.00 per session. Experience the same level of expertise and support without breaking the bank.

Block Sessions with Full Support

 We understand that consistency is key. Our packages offer flexibility without compromise. Enjoy block sessions of 4 PT sessions per month, each including full support, diet plans, and the guidance you need to succeed.

No Contracts, Just Results

Commitment should be your choice, not an obligation. Our packages have no long-term contracts. Pay as you go and enjoy the freedom to pause or continue as per your fitness journey.

Proven Popularity

Over the years, our flexible and value-driven packages have gained immense popularity. Our clients appreciate the effectiveness and convenience of training wherever life takes them.

Onlne Person Trainer - £99 per month

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What Is Included in your Monthly Online PT Package?

4 PT Sessions on Zoom for up to 45 Minutes

Structured Diet Plan

Workout Plan and Regular Reviews

Full use of our award winning app and updated programmes.

24 Hour support – 7 days a week

£99.00 per month – No Contract

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Begin your fitness journey by signing up for our online personal training. We welcome clients from all corners of the world, ready to transform their health.

Tailored Training Sessions

Experience personalised training sessions designed to meet your specific goals. Our trainers utilise the latest technology to create a dynamic and engaging workout experience, wherever your location.

Full Support and Diet Plans

 Enjoy the benefits of full support and receive personalised diet plans to complement your training. We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring a holistic approach to your health and fitness.

Affordable Monthly Packages

Our monthly packages, priced at £99.00, cover 4 PT sessions, full support, and diet plans. Experience quality training without the hefty price tag.

We accept all major UK Credit/Debit cards.

Yes, we are open 7 days a week.